Marketing the future: How the Digital Marketing and Analytics Programme

The digital marketing world is abundant with innovations and creativity where something unique comes every day. Mobile advertising spending is expected to surpass $240 billion dollars by 2022 (Statista, 2021). Businesses can no longer afford to make marketing decisions based only on theory and experience. Big data and analytics now determine today’s dynamic marketing choices. With past data and predictive analytics, institutions can now generate a better return on investment (ROI) while also implementing insights that can lead to practical business strategies and decisions within a company. These adjustments can be established in the marketing department and across teams. This means there will be a massive demand for people who understand digital marketing at its core and can play around with data to yield results. The digital marketing career scope in India will be worth US$160 billion by 2025, making it three times the current value (Goldman Sachs, 2020). With such a promising career outlook, you can learn how to develop integrated digital marketing strategies with bottom-line business goals.

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